~~Monday Nights with Oscar presents “Grey Gardens”~~

21 April 2014

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             With special guest Albert Maysles

The fascinating eccentricities of the Beales – widow “Big Edie” and “Little Edie,” her flamboyant daughter – are forever preserved in this bittersweet cinéma vérité classic, newly restored by the Criterion Collection and the Academy Film Archive and screening in a brand-new DCP. Cousins of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Beales share a crumbling, 28-room manor not far from the East Hampton shore. In their self-exile, they have created a micro-climate steeped in memories of long-faded glamour: “Little Edie” is a former model, while both Beales were once belles of the Manhattan social set.

Thanks to the unobtrusive gaze of trailblazing documentarians Albert and David Maysles, which honors the unconventionality and eloquence of these two unforgettable women, the Beales have been plucked from their own private universe and become touchstones in the history of cinema and American culture. Once called “the best American cameraman” by Jean-Luc Godard, Albert Maysles directed over 20 short and feature-length documentaries with his brother David, including the Oscar-nominated short Christo’s Valley Curtain in 1973. In 2005, Albert founded the Harlem-based Maysles Documentary Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exhibition and production of documentary films.

Event Information

Monday, April 28 at 7:00 p.m.
Academy Theater
111 East 59 th Street
(between Park and Lexington avenues)
New York

$5 general admission
$3 Academy members and students with a valid ID.
Reserve tickets online beginning Tuesday, April 8 at 9 a.m. ET.

~~Faun in the Garden: Life at Grey Gardens~~

26 March 2014

Grey Gardeners

That summer night I sat on the great porch at Mrs.Beales. The mansion was dark, I sat traveling in my thoughts, how ,why , this place? That was 40 years ago, a story unlike I had ever known since, it was truly one of a kind. A human experience, one of courage, dedication, conviction. The mansion so interesting, as nature made herself known, time stopped within the walls of this great house. Each day was rare an adventure as the very first day.

 It is my duty to share this incredible story of three kindred spirits. We were from opposite ends of the social scale,, yet we had so much in common, that was respect for life, and the grace of living.

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Jackie Martling Upcoming Shows~~

22 March 2014


Hello Dear friends,

My good friend Jackie Martling will be performing shows nationwide. Below are the dates & cities:

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8pm, Wednesday, April 23rd
Levity Live
4210 Palisades Center Dr., A-401
West Nyack, New York
box office (845) 353-5400

Fri., Sat. & Sun., April 25-26-27th
Chiller Theatre Autograph Show
Hilton Parsippany
One Hilton Court
Parsippany, New Jersey
(973) 267-7373

Friday & Saturday, May 2-3rd
Giggles Comedy Club
Prince Pizzeria & Bar
517 Broadway, Rt. 1
Saugus, Massachusetts
(781) 233-9950


17 December 2013

Throughout my gardening experience, there has never been a Tree more beautiful than the one I saw today. Yet I seen so many the day before then ,,and felt the same way. Whether it be White Pine, Hemlock, Chestnut,  sweeping Willows, need I go on? Each with an air of freedom ,grace, fortitude. They hold times secrets, patterns of life. A fellow once wrote ‘I have never seen anything as beautiful as a tree”. Then there are Red Wood and Cedar, Royal Palms , Apple, Pear, Orange, Lemon. Mahogany , Birch `White` Silver `Black`. Oh if I had the land to plant many a Tree ,,

I d never stop till the end of me,,Then there is Travelers Palm one Coconut, & me !

~~Holiday Show At The Art Students League of New York~~

2 December 2013

~~ This Journey A Gift ~~

17 November 2013

Early years growing up in Brooklyn, we my brothers and I attended a Catholic Grammar School. The Immaculate heart of Mary Parish, still remains, and its stone church has held many rituals. I for one was baptized, received my confirmation in this very special church. My entire family has passed thru its hallowed grounds, both in Baptism ,, marriage,, funerals. It was a classroom with wooden floors, ceiling fans, a central auditorium. Ours was run by nuns, my classroom teacher was a nun. Sister Aquanata, a heavy cross draped and rested on her black apron. We were told to knell aside our desks , and to pray for the President. It may have been the first time our protocol for the afternoon was  interrupted. Pray for our President ,,, and return home to your parents. We spent some time kneeling aside our desk,, and when Mother Superior instructed we were all to leave school early. A favorite afternoon treat was during the Christmas Holiday ,, we were asked to sell a variety of Christmas Candies’, for the church. I recall the greenest of candy ,, a Christmas Tree pop. The year was 1963,, and looking back in our years we all must reflect on goings on during significant events that occurred in our lives at a given moment. It would be less then ten years for the day we prayed for Mr. .Kennedy that I would be introduced to the first lady of our country. In the first few years at Mrs.Beales I did not know who was to enter into my life. The journey continues,, I have allowed fate to steer my adventures , and it is a bit of fate ,, faith, and friendship that continues to allow me the grace of a wonderful life. It is very exciting to livened be alive to share our lives.
 I’m still pulverized by this gift called life.

~~Manhattan Skyline Fall 2013~~

2 November 2013

                  Brooklyn  a  City in the United States

It like this very recent photo ,, less populated, although always a center of a mix of cultures. We resided on East 3rd St., it was an Italian Neighborhood.

My grand mother raised 11 children on that street, all contributed to the household. My mothers weekly salary was $ 12.00, all of which ten of those dollars was collected by my Grand mother for the household. Everyone contributed, no one was un employed. In our home we had a small business, one of making Anisette during prohibition. My Uncle sold Ice for 5 cents a block. Hauling it for iceboxes was in it’s day a profitable business. New York City it’s landmarks stand sentinel to the years. In this panorama I can recall the first skyscraper to be lit on the East Side of this great metropolis. The Waldorf Astoria was the first skyscraper lit ,, General Electric, then the rapid lighting of hundreds. It is a sentimental vista for it s views are of lives led,, people working,, families raised. Yes Brooklyn was our City within a City,, we ventured into Manhattan ,,to explore the wilder side of life.  As these years pass,,my duty to honor those who have quided me be know,,in my heart, and in the skyline we all loved.  It was as anonymous as one cared it to be,, that is a draw still.

                The Skyline is dear to many ,, it reflects the height of an American City ,, that City of New York.


~~Lazy Acres Brownville Maine~~

26 October 2013

Being as deep in the State of Maine,, from any point. , I sought out a life ,built a log cabin, in Brownsville Maine. It was a undetermined quest   Mrs.Beale . , Edie had discussed the enviable future that was on my horizon.  The years have passed ,, my experience in Maine was forty odd years ago. The fellow I had met in East Hampton , had a plan , it finally was underway. The remains of our barn ,, although at our time,, and for every bit of a century before,, it stood. Fate had called I took off only recently to pay homage to a memory as others only I could recall. In need of repair we began reinforcing the old barn ,, built a stall for `Brucie` my horse, a second room held our chickens. Rhode I island Reds,, White Leghorns, Plymouth Rocks,, and the Cock of the run,, my favorite a Bantam Rooster. Housed in one southern section of this barn, our plan  to be self sufficient was half way met. Venturing into the deep woods adjacent this location we built our three room log cabin. Its construction was rather quick for the abundance of Cedar Logs . A education in a rural area was inertly instilled in my companion  Terry. It was the chapter of my life , that began after Grey Gardens. Our homestead ~~Lazy Acres~~ has returned to the heart of the very wilderness in which we carved it out of. , nature has reclaimed the actually cabin. The last time I set foot in this Barn “Terry“ a strapping man of independent mind,, and I stood. As with so many of our friends,, only our memories can visit there beings,, the lives we knew remain as build blocks of our present days. Live for life ., follow your dreams,, love your brothers.

~~ GREY GARDENS The Musical Newington Mainstage Oct 4-6 ~~

22 September 2013

It was predicted by Mrs. Beale that the documentary would be of interest to artistic individuals. Exactly the words that were spoken to me so long ago. , has become a living work of Art. Through the talent of so many artists the very song, the theatre in which was sought by two remarkable souls., has been realized. It began for me so many years ago, with an adventure into my own destiny. Please do if you can see this musical,, as it tours our country. Friends forever your Marble Faun


~~A First Impression~~

19 July 2013


Work had been quick , my chores as  an assistant gardener., were set in motion , and completed in order.  The estate was well groomed, and not at all unusual in comparison to the estates south ,,,or west. It was this time of year,, Summer was well underway, and my venturing down most back roads in this exclusive hideaway for the wealthy was routine. There on the last and to the left was one common dwelling, a farm house. It may have been a dwelling for a working family as I found out later it was. ,owned by a Mahoney Family. The road grew curiously narrow, one section of finely pruned privet,, seemingly not a twig left that was not trim.  A proud ocean breeze,, drew me into the opposite side of this narrow crooked road. It was only feet across, then my foot became lodged in my bicycle pedal. Losing my balance,, and clumsily ,regaining my grip on the traveling bicycle. This first glance at my future,, unknown to me ,, then and for some time . Time ,it was here I was time,, this great house knew of no such time. I was thunderstruck,, with the mansion at Grey Gardens. Racing in my mind, were thoughts,, building on each ,,as to the how such a great estate existed ,,hidden,, overgrown,, with a presence greater then any of the fine estates along the very sea in which it stood. This was my first day in the discovery that has walked me thru my life,, as I had planed and one day would walk to the front door of this great mansion. It was Grey GARDENS, my heart told me, that in time I would know, and be part of this place. Today is a Summer Day ,,splendid in the heat of its proud light,, not unlike the very first Summer Day I found Grey Gardens.

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