~~Albert Maysles~~

8 March 2015



People we have met and the wisdom shared, have taken us all to this very moment. Film was his grace, for thru film he drew many, his was a glimpse into the lives that make us individually human. Al Maysles , your contributions to our lives thru your rare vision of life being lived. These gifts shared are a most precious gift. Many will honor you, for the gift of film live you have given our world.

Your ability to see life as it is, has taught many to be who they are, preserving truth thru film.

You will be missed all my days, I was honored you called me your Buddy.

Those early years, we both had known great adventure. each from such different starts, our introduction began on a fine summer day. Your vision shared with David, preserved a time in which in which I was only a witness. This vision of filming, seasons of life in a forgotten mansion.

This as other films in which you sought the truth uninterrupted, lessons of life preserved.

You have taken the great step, we spoke, and you now are with your Brother. re-united, forever with kindness of your Mother and your Father, your beloved family. The words shared with me, will carry on till my journey is complete.

It is as rare as the lives in which we all know, a path less traveled, that teach us of true equality.

I will search my life travel with you in my heart.

You have given me all that a friend, confidant, and human being with compassion rare as the person I have learned to love.

My duty to our friendship will be cherished, in all the days of my life.

An admirer , your Marble Faun

~~A Brush With Fame, Long Before His Life in Art NEW YORK TIMES~~

30 January 2015


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~~Jackie Klempay presents Jerry the Marble Faun at the Outsider Art Fair ~~

22 January 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.31.13 PM

Jackie Klempay presents Jerry the Marble Faun at the Outsider Art Fair January 29 until Feb 1 (open to the public Friday, the 30th). Confetti, Jerry’s latest concrete sculpture will be presented alongside Howler, carved from cranberry alabaster, among others.

Jerry the Marble Faun (b. 1959 New York) has been carving stone since 1987. All of his sculptures are carved by hand without the use of machines. His long overdue debut exhibition was this past fall (2014) with Jackie Klempay Gallery. Jerry is well known for his appearances in the Maysles brothers’ 1975 documentary Grey Gardens, the 2006 follow up The Beales of Grey Gardens, and as a character in the 2007 Broadway musical Grey Gardens. While living at Grey Gardens, Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier-Beale gave Jerry the nickname “The Marble Faun” which Jerry accepted as a fated path to art-making. In addition to sculpting stone, Jerry has worked as a gardener for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, with Wayland Flowers and his puppet “Madame” during their cabaret acts in the 70′s, and twenty years as a taxi cab driver in New York City.

Thursday: 3 – 9PM (Early Access Pass Only)
Friday: 11AM – 8PM
Saturday: 11AM – 8PM
Sunday: 11AM – 6PM

~~Grey Gardens at the Beacon School ~~

4 January 2015

Come see Lally’s production of Grey Gardens at Beacon!
Showtimes are January 8, 9, and 10 at 4PM and 7:30PM in the drama studio.

The Beacon School

227 W 61st St, New York, New York 10023

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~~Christmas Eve Past & Present~~

24 December 2014


Delights & cozy in nights, shimmering trim and gifts to treasure wondrous sights, radiant lights, glimmering greetings and a season of pleasure may these and all you wish for be yours at Christmas.


~~The Art Students League Holiday Show 2014~~

14 December 2014

Visit the Art Students League of New York’s annual Holiday Show and Sale at 215 West 57th Street. Paintings and prints—landscapes, portraits, still lifes and abstract works. Give the gift of art or buy something wonderful that you will enjoy for a lifetime.



16 September 2014

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The Katherine Irwin & Jerry The Marble Faun show is by appointment till Oct 31 for more detail visit http://www.jackieklempay.com


7 September 2014

I have been given his great opportunity to have my first art show! As many artists know, this is a great opportunity to show the world the work that we live to create. It has been a dream of mine to have my sculpture on display. Jackie Klempay put together the show at her gallery. In collaboration with Katherine Irwin beautiful paintings.

It will be up till OCT 30, 2014.  If you visit my stone room page you will see update photos take by Brad Robotham

Visit the gallery website for more details.


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~~Website Updates Sept. 5 2014~~

5 September 2014

31-computer-working-guy-monitor-illustrationHello Marble Faun subscribers, Currently we are working on improving the website. The administrators will be doing updates, corrections responding to feedback from fans. In the next couple weeks will be working on updating subscriptions and removing subscribers upon request. Please stay tuned as we continue to share a slice of life with Jerry Torre. We appreciate your continued support for themarblefaun.com


27 August 2014

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SEPT 6 – OCT 30, 2014

AT: 81 Central Ave (1A), Brooklyn NY 11206


Jackie Klempay is pleased to present new works by Katherine Irwin and Jerry The Marble Faun. The exhibition includes Irwin’s murals — depictions of ideal garden landscapes painted directly on the gallery’s walls — alongside The Marble Faun’s hand-carved marble and limestone sculptures. The sculpture, Tounge-tied, represents two gods connected by the mouth and nose, and Pairs portrays the co-dependent nature of Little Edie and Edith Bouvier Beale of Grey Gardens. While Irwin paints a variety of subject matter from the figure, to food, to animals, to plants, the landscapes for this exhibition were conceived in collaboration with The Marble Faun’s sculptures, which summon memories of his younger years at Grey Gardens and Greenwood Cemetery. Both artists share a deep appreciation of the natural world, creating works about, and to exist within, real and imagined gardens.


“It has been in my soul this quest to sculpt stone, it began when I was a boy in Brooklyn. Our only green space was Greenwood Cemetery. Our crew of neighborhood kids would run through this cemetery. It was a ritual for us to play, hide and torment our pursuers. Our crew of boys and girls would set out into groups. Once we crawled under the rusted fence surrounding this our park. We would head off onto opposite directions, taunting our night watchman. He knew of our mischievous ways, and despised our presence. That, with some genuine vulgar taunting, made the chase in the cemetery all that more challenging. Off we ran into the night hiding, never vandalizing, always annoying. It was in this park we knew so well that my first appreciation of sculpture began. Headstones and mausoleums made for landmarks. My labor of stone carving was taught to me by a great uncle who taught me masonry.

My life has been one only fate could have designed. In my view, I have many lives to live, travel, and explore. Fate had led me to many ventures that I alone was privy to, including the destiny that became Grey Gardens. Here at the crossroads of my youth did I find refuge from an abusive childhood. Once again fate had taken me onto a journey, which is the corner stone to my entire life.”

-Jerry The Marble Faun


Jerry The Marble Faun (Brooklyn, NY) has been carving stone since 1987. This is his first exhibition outside of The Art Students League, where he honed his craft. Jerry is best know for his appearance in the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens by Albert and David Maysles.


Katherine Irwin (b. 1985 Fort Worth, TX) graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2007. Her daily drawing practice can be viewed at whensdessert.tumblr.com.


Jackie Klempay is located at 81 Central Ave (1A) between Melrose and Jefferson Streets, in a ground floor apartment building in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. The gallery is open the night of the reception, every Saturday for the exhibition’s duration (1-5 PM), and always by appointment.

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