Aggregate Pictures is pleased to announce that the full-length feature documentary “The Marble Faun of Grey Gardens” is now available to stream!

We are Jason Hay and Steve Pelizza, two uncommon individuals with one shared interest, our fascination for Grey Gardens. We share with you the same curious admiration for the Beales, two wonderfully persevering women whom we are all fortunate to almost know, thanks to David and Albert Maysles.

We became friends with Jerry in 2009 and have had the opportunity to truly get to know this remarkable individual. Jerry is as humble, kind and understated a person as one could hope to meet. Always wide-eyed and interested, he is very engaged with the world around him and seems to constantly be drawing inspiration from life itself for his sculptures. It has been a pleasure getting to know Jerry and learning of the remarkable life he has led.

One could almost set his time at Grey Gardens aside altogether and still be fascinated by all the tales he has to tell. Jerry’s story unfolds as a classic American tale. A compromising childhood, then a dash for freedom leading him indirectly to Grey Gardens, a formative event in his life. Later awakening to his sexuality in the 1970’s in New York City, going on to travel in Europe and the Middle East under unique circumstances, and sadly falling into some of the darker passions in life. Eventually pulling himself up and dusting himself off, he decides to heed a lifelong call to carve stone and discovers his love for the craft. Jerry Torre’s sculptures help free him, and he fully develops into the beloved individual he is today.

Getting to know Jerry has had an impact on our lives, we feel it will have an impact on many others as well. His is a story of personal struggle, strength, love and achievement. Jerry has decided he is willing to share his experiences with us so we may be educated, inspired and perhaps even provoked. This promises to be a meaningful journey.

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  1. Hi! I recently discovered your web page and am thrilled about it! It is perfectly wonderful! So is there a documentary for sale? A book? Please let me know I must have both in my collection! Thanks!

    • Hey I know this may not be an area you are familiar with but I just read that poor Big Edie and Little Edie did not receive full payment from the Maysles for Grey Gardens. I also just read Lois’ book and she eluded to that as well in her book. Please tell me you know this to be untrue? I am just mad about the Beales and their Mauble Faun Jerry! Kind Regards to you!!!!

      • hi – any news on when your documentary is coming out or where it might be available? Thanks!

        • Hi “Nico“
          It is in the final stages.
          The last of the material has just been filmed.
          You see my film crew & I had to travel to Maine.
          It was necessary footage ,, as I once lived, & built a Log Cabin in Maine.
          I appreciate you asking,, my friend !
          The Marble Faun

  2. Hi Jerry! WONDERFUL to come across your website, I haven’t searched it entirely yet but I think it’s awesome that you’ve found a calling as an artist, you must be glad you didn’t take that job up in Canada right?

    I don’t think there’s any doubt that The Beales both loved you, although there were some moments where Little Edie said some unflattering things about you although it seemed to me she didn’t really mean it because she’d follow up by saying “I LIKE HIM” or “He’s quite remarkable” and I just always wondered if you ever felt a little hurt by some of her off-handed remarks?

    I’m looking at all the pictures etc. now and I’ll definitely be back to you with a request for a signed picture once I decide which one is “the best picture for today” :)

    Warm regards,
    William, NYC

    • Hi William,
      Edie was so devoted to her mother Mrs.Beale. That weight alone carried much stress.
      The years passed and the issue of keeping up the house,,which was as you see falling apart. Then falling health,,stress.
      Edie ran hot & cold with me.

      You know I understood Edies frustration,and really did not mind her being angry with me. Edie was there throught the worst years ,,and it all caught up with that dear woman.

  3. I just want to say hi to you. I missed out on knowing the Beals. Im envious. I see you in the film and would hate to miss out on chance to say hi to you and i find it a pleasure to be able to do so. You have found your talent that will leave a lasting impression for years and year to come. I would like to keep up with your story. You inspired me . God bless you!!!

    • Dear friend Cheryl ,
      Years ago Mrs.Beale said” In your life our friendship would be of interest to many.” Grey Gardens begun for me the first day I rode my bicycle down a country road.
      It was the best Summer Day,I turned a narrow corner,looked to my left, then my eyes found the twin peaks of Mrs.Beales mansion. My sneaker was caught between the pedal and the pavement,lost my balance. Once I regained my balance I stared into the overgrowth between me and the front porch.
      You see i had run away from home,found a job as an assistant gardener,and that afternoon fate had changed my life.
      Please send my warmest regards to those whom you hold dear,
      ,Im honored we have become friends

      • Wow Jerry- you spill out a ‘touching’ memory here. I can’t wait to buy your book.
        I feel so sorry for you that your life at home was such that you had to run away from home even if things turned out good for you afterwards. I am sure it was a scary time for you until you met the Beales. It was fated for your life to go that way because if not for that you would have never met Big and little Edie. I for one think it’s the most impressive thing to have happen because I love so much and am obsessed with Big and Little Edie.

        I have every book about the Beales that has been published and I read them all over and over again and I watch both dvd’s over and over. I never tire of Big and Little Edie’s company. I have always wondered how you managed to get inside Grey Gardens. Big and Little Edie did not let just anyone come inside. They had to trust first and they did not dish out trust easily.

        I know Mrs Beale loved you to pieces and why not. You were such a lovable kid ( and you are still lovable- maybe you don’t realize but love pours out of you. It’s rare to find someone as full of love for your fellow human being as you are)- and I admired you in the film Grey Gardens because you were so respectful of the Beales and you cared about them.
        I await your book with much anticipation. I can tell by your cultured and intelligent way of thinking and writing that you have lived a full life but it’s the window into the Beales’ world that I am most eager to read about.
        with love- Kathy

  4. Jerry – I notice all of the other posts are from 2010- it’s now 2012- has the film been released? Where can I buy it?

    I also read somewhere that you are writing a book about your time at Grey Gardens. I am so tickled that you are doing that!!!!! You have lots of memories that you can share with us about Mother Darling and little Edie

    Please post if either one is available for sale and if so also post where I might buy both items – the film and your book- they are on my ‘must have’ list!!

    God Bless you Jerry
    with love- Kathy

    • HI Kathy, The film is complete, my film guy, has asked me to wait to announce further details.
      There seems to be some RIGHTS RESERVED Issues. That is holding me from further progress.
      The book is here with me, I ve been free and kept myself very busy.
      You see i return to my past thru protos, letteers, the original documentry. My plan is to tis spring make it clear to my publisher that I would like to begin printing.
      You are very kind dear friend, this book it is very dear to me, it has become tender, very important.
      My book is nearly complete, I want it to be perfect,for my friends, past,present.
      I thank God for our lives & our friendship,

  5. Jerry,
    How “Terrific” you haven’t said anything about this to the group or if so how did I miss it?? I can’t tell you how happy I am about the film!!! I cannot wait to see it!

    Remember when BE said how beautiful you were and you reminded her of her mother? I had already said to myself you were too pretty to be a boy…sorry, and look at you now, as beautiful as ever. You are even more beautiful inside. The more I get to know you the more beautiful you become.

    I am sure the Edie’s would go wild over your art it is so wonderful.

    Stay safe Jerry, hugs and love from Indianapolis,In

  6. So glad we’ve reconnected. Miss our fun times. Love you, man. Thanks for being you.

  7. Jerry! Wow, I’m on this page now and I’m looking at all the wonderful paths you have taken in your life. What a journey! I’m very captivated by your work and your life. I enjoyed your film so much, I didn’t want it to end. When you speak it’s with a wealth of information and experience. Thanks for sharing! I cannot remember where I read or saw something about the Grey Gardens, and I’ve been wanting to know more about. I think I read an article somewhere just recently, but for the life of me, I can’t recall in what paper or magazine. Then, I go on your link and there it is.. I was a bit taken back, almost like I was drawn to it. I believe in fate, and for some reason, Fran S. has brought this little link together for us. Crazy huh?
    Can’t wait to tell Denis all about this!!! Debbie :)

  8. Jerry, this is absolutely marvelous!

  9. Hey Jerry, my friend, am getting excited for the documentary. Looks very good, and watching you carve stone is cool! Your friend, Eric

  10. Late to the party but wanted to pipe in anyway. Jerry, I’ve never not watched the Maysles’ films and wondered what the rest of your story was. I am so happy this project is happening. All the best…

  11. Can’t wait for this one. Seeing the old footage of Gay Pride too. Salivating…

    • Hey there Josh
      Ive great faith in my film crew,Steve & Jason are really sensitive to my life story.
      There skills as film producers is one I trust.
      thanks buddy!

  12. Jerry, your work as a stone sculptor is amazing. I loved watching the clip of the film and can’t wait to see more. You’re also very good looking and masculine, by the way. Best, Joey

    • Hi Joey
      It has been such a wild life , we all have our stories,Im working on telling mine in stone. Im real grateful to hear from ya . , thanks buddy.

  13. Silly me! Of course the camera’s are following you!. What I meant was how many hrs a day are they following you? It looks GREAT!

  14. Good Luck with your project! I am waiting to see it :)

  15. Looking forward to seeing this fascinating film! (p.s. having a degree in art history, I love seeing the actual artistic process.) :)

  16. I can’t wait to see it…I look forward to knowing more. learning more, and digging deeper…so intriguing…thank you Jay, Steve, and Jerry for your talents and skills, and inquiry…and to Jerry for sharing so intimately.


  17. I love it Jerry, I also can’t wait for the movie <3

  18. It is great! I enjoyed watching it! Betty

  19. Janet Leigh Catherine Korem

    Dearest Jerry, I couldn’t be happier for you and more proud. When i first saw you in Grey Gardens you captivated me. And how Edith loved you so. That you can carry the rest of your life. Now, after your many struggles, you have made it. And you worked hard for it Jerry. I’m thrilled for you about the documentary. Life has come full circle for you. Your forever friend, Janet Leigh Catherine Korem

  20. The film is wonderful. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  21. This is AMAZING Jerry! I love it-can’t wait to see more! Good Luck with this – you will have this forever. People will want to see this.

  22. Jerry, Ted, Jason, and Steve :

    Looks great!!! I can’t wait to see the whole entire thing!!

    I hope you are all doing well!!!

    Glenn (in Charlotte)

  23. The film looks amazing guys! Great work! Dawn

  24. Jerry:
    I am so excited about this documentary. You have had a very interesting life and and I am thrilled to hear this great news! I cannot wait to see this film!

  25. Wow. I’m very excited to see this project finished! Its great to see you working in this short piece. I hope there is more of you carving stones and such when it is completed. Great Job!

  26. Jason, Steve, and Jerry- thank you so much for this priceless glimpse into the life of the Marble Faun himself! I am absolutely delighted – what a perfectly wonderful idea, to capture Jerry on film, see the sculpting firsthand, hear more from Mr. Torre. There aren’t enough good adjectives, I could go on and on- BRAVO! More!

    I’ve had the honor to spend some few hours with this fine man, who is not only our link to the Beales, but a fascinating and colorful individual: talented and very kind, adventurous and seemingly self effacing and confident, comfortable in his own skin, warm and streetwise, these impressions from a few hours and some years of the internet “back and forths”. I know that barely scratches the surface.

    We all want to know you, Jerry! So excited about this project and can’t wait for more. Lovely visuals, perfect subject. Jerry, thanks for opening the door to us. “Come on in, we’re not ready”

  27. Jerry, This sounds so exciting! When can your fans expect to see your doc. Also, are the cameras following you if so was that hard to get used to?
    Best wishes, Carol

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